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As you’ve most likely seen on the lake shores, algal and bacterial blooms are a growing ecological threat to the lake. These blooms degrade water quality, decompose with an unpleasant smell, draw masses of flies, pose toxicity risks, and turn a beautiful day at the beach into a very unpleasant or even dangerous experience. This year has proven to be by far the worst ever recorded for algae at Lake Tahoe. Sadly, because of Covid, Government funding for algae research has faulted at this critical moment. 


Our goal is to provide local research and advocacy organizations with the funding and volunteer labor that they desperately need to combat this problem. Funds raised will support innovative research on threats to the lake's health, identify and organize safe clean-up methods, and educate the next generation of environmental scientists and leaders.

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Because of disruption of government research budgets by the Covid-19 pandemic, algae research at Tahoe is supported almost entirely by private donations, and that from just a few individuals. While the lake is in crisis, it is hanging by a thread.

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