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Regan Beach East of Park 072122 algae accumulating near shore BE9A30D4.jpeg


KTVN Channel 2 News:  

Algae blooms affecting health of Lake Tahoe  (September 29, 2022)

Tahoe Weekly:  

Nonprofit to fund clean-up of algae  (September 26, 2022)

KRNV Reno News 4:  

Spike in algae blooms poses a threat to Tahoe's beaches (September 7, 2022)


New citizen group aims to combat nearshore algae (September 1, 2022)


Tahoe Daily Tribune: 

Have you been to a Lake Tahoe beach lately? (Opinion) (August 26, 2022)


Carson Now: 

Caution urged as algae and harmful algal blooms found around Lake Tahoe (August 25, 2022)


South Tahoe Now: 

Harmful algal blooms around Lake Tahoe - caution warnings issued (August 24, 2022)



Algae blooms, warming waters cause biggest changes to Tahoe in 50 years, report says (August 3, 2022)  


Davis Enterprise: 

Highs, lows and opportunities in lake report (August 2, 2022)  



New 'State of the Lake' report highlights major changes happening in the waters of Lake Tahoe (July 30, 2022)


Sierra Sun Times: 

UC Davis Announces Release of Tahoe State of the Lake Report 2022 - Record Highs, Lows and Opportunities in Annual Lake Health Report (July 29, 2022) 


Tahoe Daily Tribune: 

State of the Lake: Record highs, lows and opportunities in annual Tahoe report (July 28, 2022) 



Report shows that Lake Tahoe will fall below its natural rim this summer (July 28, 2022)


ABC 10: 

Lake Tahoe on the 'wrong track,' according to 2022 survey (March 14, 2022) 

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